volume contains the beginning of my practice started in 2012

around the space experience



(…)The center of her focus there is the void as the synonym of absence and a free zone, enclosed by a structure that could be the object’s packaging as well as architecture. The geometry of construction is a structural value that underlines the cardinal points of her work, the keyword to unpack, translate and reorganise reality. (Olga Gambari)




vuoto 1

VOLUME | perseption of space and emptyness studies | industrial canvas | bologna 2013

detail vuoto1


deformed industrail boxes

deformed industrial box | serie 2013

bn 1.50cm studio

Studio I, measuring oneself with space | Barcelona 2014

see nomadic measure<


Proiezione | folds, cuts, bitumen on canvas wall painting, variable size | 2014 copia

proiezione vuota | folds, cuts, bitumen on canvas wall painting | 2014

MMC (MileMeriCorporation)

Process whit Maria Savoldi | 2013

10-le tre grandi scatole | tecnica mista su tela | 400x300x10cm | 2013

Le Tre Grandi Scatole | folds, pigment on industrial canvas | 400x300x10cm | 2013