miracle is a project developed at Tabakalera (Donosti, Spain) on autumn 2020



How can a coincidence be represented? If coincidence etymologically means falling into the same point, then the precise place where this happens is fundamental. It is always easier to fold the sheets between two people. The folds are recorded on the fabric. The action of folding is like painting the coincidence.

Beyond the formal approximation based on artistic language, the project is focused on why the objects are where they are? and, how do they exist in space? The goal is to generate answers by transforming the randomness, intuition and contamination that the artistic process can undergo depending on the place in which it operates, into symbols and iconographic references looking for the awakening of a plastic conscience in the artifact, within our instincts.
‘A symbol, unlike a sign, is something that cannot be replaced by a thing, but indicates it, tells us that the thing is located far away in one direction’. The development of the project in residence is the opportunity to develop a kind of conceptual collection of routines, habits and coincidences in the form of an artistic publication. Working through a practice based on the principle of the ineffable (what we cannot say, what resists language) this publication would be the starting point of a more expansive installation process that moves between the incomprehensible and what we can only distinguish through a partial glimpse.